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Mike Jag will be a radio guest host of the Home Repair Clinic
WHAM radio on 1180 AM
June 11th @ 9:00 AM

Rochester Home and Garden Show

We will be participating in this show
Rochester Home & Garden Show (Date: March 25th & 26th) (Times: Sat: 10AM – 6PM & Sun: 10AM – 5PM)

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Vented vs. Unvented Attics

Since the 1970’s we have all become accustomed to the ventilated roofing system (vented attics). This 45 year old technique is exposing some fundamental flaws when we experience things like high energy bills, cold and drafty homes or ice damming. The alternative system is with the use of high density, closed cell spray foam directly to the roof deck which eliminates the need to ventilate.

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Spray Foam Insulation in the Military

Army saves fuel and lives by bringing new life to an old technology
By, Devon Hylander

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Beyond Typical Ice Daming
Roof Ventilation & Ice Dams
Reverse Ice Damming

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